September 2017  
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Noisy Offering
Bring your loose change and "Make a joyful noise to the Lord" in support of the Presbyterian Hunger Fund.
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Our Beliefs
It would be impossible to share all of what Presbyterians believe in this context, but here are a few highlights: Like most other Christians, Presbyterians believe in One God, Who exists as a Trinity (tri-unity) of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (also sometimes called Holy Ghost). While these three ‘Persons’ are often seen as having separate functions (Father as creating the world; Son as saving the world from its sin; Holy Spirit as the presence and power of God in the world and in the hearts of believers), they should never be thought of as independent One from the Other. We also believe in salvation by grace alone (God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense) through faith alone, in Christ alone. This faith is based in God’s inspired word, the Bible, as our only authority for all that we believe and do. Presbyterians observe two Sacraments (from the Latin for “Holy acts”): Baptism and Communion. Believing that no amount of water could wash away our sins, but only the blood of Jesus, which the water symbolizes, and also that the faith of the parents has great effect on their children, we practice infant Baptism by sprinkling. However, special arrangements can be made for immersion of those who choose it. Communion (also sometimes called The Lord’s Supper, or The Eucharist) is a power-filled reminder of the broken body and the shed blood of Christ, which are re-presented to us in this Sacrament. We believe the Holy Spirit to be present in a very special way when we partake of the bread and the fruit-of-the-vine (usually grape juice). To learn more about these, and other Presbyterian beliefs, we encourage you to share with us in worship and study, and to talk to our Pastor, who would be happy to discuss them with you.